Automotive Photography on Jenson Button's Mclaren P1

Not a bad day in the office when Steve Hurn Cars commissioned me to go and photograph a low mile Mclaren P1. The P1 is one of my favourite looking cars of all time, I can just see the designers at Mclaren with their flowing pencils and sweeping lines. You may have heard of its owner, Jenson Button who is an ex F1 World Champion. With only 551 miles on the clock, living in America I guess he was too busy to use it.
The production run for the P1 was from October 2013 to December 2015, with just 375 produced. These all sold within just a few months.

The photos were for Steve to advertise and sell the car, as you can see JB didn't use it much. Once the advert went live Jenson shared one of my images on his Instagram page. It then went mad! The result was Steve's website crashed due to the extra amount of traffic, Jenson got around 40,000 likes for that one post, and the online media picked up the story and went to town on it for some reason. I guess it was because it was a 1 million plus pound hypercar, more on the websites later in this post.

Motor only she's making about 730 bhp, but with the electric boost from their in-house-developed electric motor it brings the overall power to around 900 hp with around 723 lb⋅ft. Helping it do the quarter mile in around 9.8 seconds at about 150 mph.The car looks best in race mode (as pictured here). The hydraulic suspension lowers the car by 50 mm from standard road going height. And the rear wing rises up.
So hot and not just the mid day sun.
Despite having an electric motor and extra batteries the P1 clocks the scales with a kerb weight of just 1,547 kg.Giving it a power to weight ratio of around 583 bhp per ton.

The P1s active rear wing is said to produce 600kg of downforce!

I think rear of the year goes to....
A special option £20,000 worth on the car is Track Mode 2. It allows wing-up travel, normally the preserve of the non-road-legal track mode.

McLaren say it takes just 6.2 seconds to brake from 186 mph to standstill.

Some how it put all the 903 bhp down throught the rear wheels using the

Some serious aerodynamics going on with this car. 

0-62 happens in just 2.8 seconds. The top speed is limited to 217 mph!
It was hard to photograph the power plant, a 3.8 L twin turbocharge V8. It was buried deep within.
I love how it's relatively simple in side. It looks like there is nothing added that doesn't need to be there. With other buttons and functions hidden away on the centre touch screen.

More detailed photos. 

After finding over 30 websites that jumped on the bandwagon and used the images I took, I gave up looking as my head ached. The funny thing about all this, I didn't get a mention once. I'm not bitter about that at ;). See a few of the sites below.

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