Jaguar XJ220 Super Car

As an automotive photographer there are some older cars that really get your juices flowing. When I got asked to shoot a Jaguar XJ220 I couldn't have been more happier. This amazing example has less then 300 miles on the clock!
Did you know the Jaguar XJ220 was the fastest production car in 1992 with a speed of 213 mph. And despite its huge size (it really is massive when close up) Jaguar said an XJ220 prototype managed a time around the Nürburgring of 7:46.36, That's fast today, think how fast that sounded back in 1991!

Happy chappy at work.

It was only produced for 2 years with collaboration from automotive specialises Tom Walkinshaw Racing. A small production run of around 275 cars were built and on sale at the bargain price of £470,000 back then!

You may have heard the dark past of this car, originally it had 4 wheel drive and a massive V12 engine.But by the time it got into production the V12 was swapped for a lighter V6 Austin Rover Engine from the MG Metro 6R4. So the car you ordered has gone from a V12 brute to a having Metro engine! This is might be why many orders got cancelled.Down the pub with your mates, 'I've got a Metro engine' doesn't quite have the same qudos as saying you have a V12!
However TWR bought the rights to the now 3.5 litre engine and tweaked it to their needs. A pair of Garrett turbos bolted on and strengthen internals were just a few of the upgrades.Your 'Metro' engine now produces 542 bhp and 475 lb⋅ft. Suddenly I don't care that the engines from a dinosaur! With a good chassis it helped project the car from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds.
Being a V configuration a Garrett TO3 turbocharger was fitted each side.
Lots of boot space, you might even fit your mobile phone in there!
She's a big girl, just over 4.9 meters long and just over 2 meters (excluding wing mirrors) wide.
Massive 345/35/18 rear tyres helped put down the 542 bhp.
Aerodynamics was a big part of this car with the underside having lots of attention.

Huge thanks to Steve Hurn Cars

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